Aion Love

Ravven is level 27 now, and moving on. I haven’t seen a lot of Abyss action yet, since you really, really need to go in as part of a group – the larger the better. Otherwise your experience will consist of being immediately ganked by massive gangs of enemy players, some distressingly high level (judging

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Quote of the Day

Since I’m sitting here, sending out CVs and idly surfing while my near three-hour queue in Aion slowly ticks down, this post by Tobold struck quite a chord: Aion and the death of the traditional server model. This quote really made me laugh: And to all those who have said that this is the smoothest

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Back In The Queue

My Templar, Ravven, is now level 24 and looking forward to level 25 and the Abyss. It’s been so much fun. The queues are still very much present, which is quite unfortunate. I’ve had a few days off from work and have contrived ways of never logging out, but now that I am back at

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Enter the Asylum

Well, let’s see if British Telecom will allow me to make a post. I tend to do most of my writing from work, since BT chokes p2p connections during the afternoon and evening, and it seems to count WordPress as p2p – cloud computing, maybe?  All I know is, sometimes I can’t post from home,

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One Day Later…

I was a noob and logged out so we could reset the router.  Bad idea.  :(  Overall, though, when you can get in, it’s stable and not very laggy. I have general chat turned off because it’s appalling. We’ve enjoyed playing in our own little world.  Aside from the lack of servers, I would say

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