In Retrospect

I have to say, I’ll be very glad to see the back of 2009. It’s like 2008 – both were spectacularly sucktastic years. (2008 saw the startup that I’d been working on fail, leaving me thousands in the red…and without a job. In 2009 I was working, but at a job that I hated. Still

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Aion: Slowing Down

Tonight I’m handing over the legion leadership to another member, who is well-liked and will no doubt do a very good job (probably better than I have, to be honest). Ravven is 35, and it was damned hard doing that. Many of our members are looking at 40, and I just don’t play enough to

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Epic Pug Fail

Hahaha, just got a message from a friend playing Aion at home. He’s been trying to get a Black Claw Village pug for his Chanter alt for ages, but every group falls apart. wow, I think I reached a new level of epic fail… started with 6, including a lvl 25 templar to suck all

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Fire Temple

Saturday was a fun, but very expensive day. We ran Ice Claw Village, Sky Temple and Fire Temple.  For hours! Due to various wipes (Ice Claw seems to be famous for other groups kiting mobs through people, trying to make them wipe, and as for the rest? To be honest, sometimes I just fuck up)

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