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    Goldseller Spam in Aion

    This is what Looking for Group and general chat channels look like in Aion:


    Being notoriously friendly to goldspammers and botters is NOT a good thing. And there’s no way of reporting these spammers. Oh, there is an area to make a GM ticket…but the Submit button is greyed out.


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    Quote of the Day

    Since I’m sitting here, sending out CVs and idly surfing while my near three-hour queue in Aion slowly ticks down, this post by Tobold struck quite a chord: Aion and the death of the traditional server model. This quote really made me laugh:

    And to all those who have said that this is the smoothest launch they’ve ever seen, of course it bloody well is, nobody can get onto the servers to stress them. I could solve all of the public transport problems in England if I only let ten people on to each bus and then thanked everyone else for their patience while they stand around for two hours to get on to the next one.

    Fucking fantastic quote.  :D

    But seriously, I’ve fallen so far behind my friends that I worry we won’t be able to play together, due to my current horrible job and the hour and a half commute home. By the time I get home, the queues are impossible. Aion fail, to the nth power. And yet…when I can get on, I totally love the game.

    And so…why ARE we still locked to a single server in MMOs?  (EVE aside, obviously.) I don’t know anything about game server architecture, but obviously some games aren’t so restrictive – why should we be locked into this model?

    As a comment pointed out: “My strong hunch is that NCSoft are not going to lose many potential long-term players due to this. The players that were always likely to commit will endure the queueing. The players that were never likely to commit, well, NCSoft already has their money.” This is true, unfortunately. I will continue to play, even though I feel as though I am giving money to a company which doesn’t deserve it.

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    Tough Titty Said the Kitty

    Last night, as expected, I wasn’t able to play due to the long queues. Actually, that’s not entirely correct, as I was able to log in at about 10:30-11:00 last night, but I was too tired by then to do anything. I expect the entire week to be like this, and I am so not happy.

    The general impression of disintrest from NCSoft regarding the queue issue, and the recent interview with Brian Knox where he basically told gamers “tough titty” about the queue times, has been irritating me.

    “With [Sunday]’s launch, we saw a massive influx into the game when we opened the servers for Head Start. It’s important to remember that this initial rush is due to everyone trying to get into the game at the same time – this isn’t a scenario that’s likely to be repeated regularly since it’s really just about that initial rush of players trying to gain access to the game.”

    Ummn, Brian? The queues are still there – they aren’t getting better. Maybe I missed how the added influx of people who had to wait to get their boxes was going to fix the queues, but perhaps I’m not understanding something. I know that NCSoft doesn’t want a repeat of the Warhammer fiasco, and fair enough – I was one of those who stopped playing once the server populations went down, when you couldn’t finish public quests and it stopped being so fun. But they are in the process of driving away so many people, and I think many of the people they will lose are the type that an MMO company would want to keep…people like me, not to put too fine a point on it. the servers start filling up between 2:30 and 4:00, when the queues start – this is when the kids get home from school. The 9-to-5 types, like myself, will come online after work, when there is already a 3 hour queue.

    The problem with losing these players is that they have jobs and disposable income. I always be collector’s editions for games that I like, I keep subscriptions running for several games at a time. In this household, which consists of two adults, we had four Warcraft subscriptions, and it stayed that way for a very long time. I have a mortgage, but I don’t have kids at home, and being a techy professional type I do have cash to spend on gaming – which for me replaces clothes shopping or drinking at the pub or whatever other people spend it on. I’m a reader and a gamer, so I spend time and money on books and game subscriptions – money generally isn’t an issue for me. I will pay for those character transfers and name changes and Runes of Magic horses and so on…because this is my hobby. And you want me to go away?

    I’m also not one of the people causing problems in game and one the forums, I’m not nasty to others and I generally try to make the game experience good for everyone I come in contact with. Call it carebear or whatever, but I think there should be more of that. Don’t count people like that as people that you can afford to lose, either. Yes, there’s a place for the hardcore obnoxious types, and there are a lot of them – but any game also needs the people who will jump in and heal you when you’re in trouble, or tell you where Tutty is. We post reasonably literate, semi-intelligent things on the forums.

    Yeah, I’m having a major QQ here – but really? I don’t care. When there are 2,000+ more people who want to play your game every single night than can actually do so, you want to roll out another server. Don’t push us away just because we have jobs, or families.

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    One Day Later…

    I was a noob and logged out so we could reset the router.  Bad idea.  :(  Overall, though, when you can get in, it’s stable and not very laggy. I have general chat turned off because it’s appalling. We’ve enjoyed playing in our own little world.  Aside from the lack of servers, I would say overall that this was a pretty smooth launch. If you could get in, your experience was likely to be positive (in terms of gameplay).


    I really like the crafting and gathering mechanics – you get xp for both, and at the moment work orders from the profession trainers are making it a bit cheaper to level up your chosen professions. The recipes actually seem useful (at least at this level); Ravven as a templar is doing armorsmithing, and the pieces that she can make are better than most of what she has on. I love being able to level all the gathering professions.

    Since we didn’t make it through the queues until about 11:30 pm, we played quite late last night.  I’m guessing it will be another late night again tonight – but I’m having fun!  :)

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    Two Hours Later…

    While trying to wait out the long Aion queues, I surfed the web. All of it. In hopes of doing something constructive, I did crunches and played with the cat. I now look like Madonna, and the cat is exhausted.

    I was waiting for all the kiddies to go to bed, but it looks like I will be there first.  :(

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    I can’t get into the queue for the server that I preselected characters on, so am trying to get on another that I was interested in. Not surprising, though – it was obvious that they were going to have too few servers.

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    No English Allowed


    The Aion team has released an official server poll (in comparison with the multitude of unofficial ones on the forums. And guess what?  You cannot choose English as your native language if you live in Europe.  :D

    I chose Portuguese.


    And the funniest thing from the forums?  The person who posted “But English isn’t a native language!”  Meaning, I suppose, that “native languages” are spoken by natives – you know, darker people who live somewhere else. Not us.


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    Aion Fail, Part 3: Take That, Biatches


    I just embarrassed myself at work by dancing around doing the Rocky-arm-thing and saying “TAKE THAT BIATCHES!!! GOOGLE PAGE ONE, POSITION ONE! DON’T EVER TELL ME THAT I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO MY FRACKING JOB!”  Everyone who knows me knows that I am all shy, modest, self-deprecating and shit.  :D  I am just that kind of lady.

    Anyway, I have to explain that I couldn’t log in again last night for the Aion open beta (see Aion Fail, Poop Doesn’t Count – Aion Fail 2), and I was all geek-rage, Aion fangirl QQing. But we all know how useless threatening to cancel your subscription is (people don’t).  It’s much more satisfying to write about it and rank number one for “Aion Fail”. Hey, it allowed me to work off some aggression – what can I say?  If I was a better person, above all of this, I’d certainly be a different person and I wouldn’t be writing this blog.

    Anyway, it looks as though the problem resides with GameGuard treating antivirus/firewall programmes as suspicious activity. Supposedly if you disable all virus protection, and use the IP address fix (below), you can get in and play the game.

    Let me illustrate how paranoid I am about computer security: I only use FireFox, and I use it with the NoScript plugin. I pay for Trend Micro. I have my Warcraft logins programmed in a G15 macro so I don’t have to type them in. If I have to type in a password, I cut and paste from a text file that I keep. I virus-check all the time. And they want me to disable virus protection in order to not have a problem with their crappy rootkit?  All I can say is…



    Current authentication error fix:

    If you are getting the error “Cannot connect to Authentication server” when starting up the game and logging in, the follow tip from Ayase might help:

    Please delete the addcache.xml file that is in the root of the game folder.

    Next, try the following to force the game to connect to a specific auth server:

    1. Open the NCsoft Launcher
    2. Right-click Aion under “INSTALLED”
    3. Choose Properties
    4. In the box labeled, “Extra Command Line Parameters (Advanced)” add the following: -ip: -port:2106 -cc:1

    This IP is the current NA Auth. This IP will change in the future, so please remember these changes.

    The current EU Auth is – if you have an EU account.

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    Poop Doesn’t Count (Aion Fail 2)

    First a very funny and safe for work commercial regarding swearboxed in the office:

    Speaking of swearing, I did a lot of it last night.  I finally did get online in Aion and play a bit, but by then I was tired and grouchy and didn’t last long. I really don’t understand the problems that they’re having. Lag I can forgive – that is a common problem that you expect in a beta. I’m assuming a gazillion new people came on for open beta, and if it hadn’t been laggy I would have been surprised. So I’ll forgive them for that, and a few of the isolated crashes which were probably due to server stress, server reboots, etc.

    Game Guard has always sucked major ass, and its problems seem to be getting worse. When you can’t authenticate and the game crashes (which it does time and time again), you are left with GG running and you have to do a full reboot to get rid of it. You can see it in the system tray, but you can’t right-click it or see it in your list of applications that are presently running. This is a new problem, so GG seems to be getting worse rather than better. I know that NCSoft is probably trying to overcome the bad reputation that Lineage II earned them, where supposedly it was just bots everywhere you looked – but surely there are better ways than this.

    Game Guard also prevents Logitech G15 keyboards from working properly – which means no seeing who is speaking on Vent, etc., no clock, not to mention no macros.

    The thing that really pisses me off is the instability of the 1.5 client. I really don’t understand that – it’s been live in Korea for some time now, hasn’t it?  I was under the impression that this update would bring us current with the version presently live in Korea. It doesn’t feel like a stable live client, it feels like an extremely fragile and buggy beta client. Some of the major gripes:

    1. Crashing if you fail to authenticate.
    This is just poor error handling, as far as I can tell. If the server is down, or you time out, surely there should be error handling in place that gives you options (try another server, a message regarding too many concurrent users,  a message that you can’t log in) without simply crashing the client.

    2. Wierd UI Problems.
    I personally didn’t have a lot of issues with these, but I heard that a lot of people did. A friend experienced a problem with having a ghost HUD on the bottom if he switched it to the top.

    3. Being stuck in combat.
    This drove me mad last night. I was continually stuck in combat, and couldn’t rest – nothing would shift it. I was afraid to reboot the client once it had decided to play nice and let me play.

    4. No XP for Quest Turnin.
    Again, I didn’t experience this personally, but a friend turned in three big campaign quests and didn’t get any XP for it.

    So, a very frustrating night, and quite worrying. How stable will the game be on release?  Hopefully we won’t be playing this version of the client, because it has major issues. Right now they’re dealbreakers, and hopefully they’ll figure them out.

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    Aion Fail

    I’ve given up trying to log in tonight,  after about fifteen lockups requiring a hard reboot – it’s hard on the poor PC.  :(  GameGuard remains the buggy piece of rootkit fei-oo that it always was, and this version of the client is virtually unplayable. I think perhaps the authentication problems are due to the massive amount of people all trying to log in, but the UI issues and crashes are definitely the client.

    Disappointing, to say the least.