aion fail

Quote of the Day

Since I’m sitting here, sending out CVs and idly surfing while my near three-hour queue in Aion slowly ticks down, this post by Tobold struck quite a chord: Aion and the death of the traditional server model. This quote really made me laugh: And to all those who have said that this is the smoothest

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One Day Later…

I was a noob and logged out so we could reset the router.  Bad idea.  :(  Overall, though, when you can get in, it’s stable and not very laggy. I have general chat turned off because it’s appalling. We’ve enjoyed playing in our own little world.  Aside from the lack of servers, I would say

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I can’t get into the queue for the server that I preselected characters on, so am trying to get on another that I was interested in. Not surprising, though – it was obvious that they were going to have too few servers.

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No English Allowed

The Aion team has released an official server poll (in comparison with the multitude of unofficial ones on the forums. And guess what?  You cannot choose English as your native language if you live in Europe.  :D I chose Portuguese. EDIT: And the funniest thing from the forums?  The person who posted “But English isn’t

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Aion Fail

I’ve given up trying to log in tonight,  after about fifteen lockups requiring a hard reboot – it’s hard on the poor PC.  :(  GameGuard remains the buggy piece of rootkit fei-oo that it always was, and this version of the client is virtually unplayable. I think perhaps the authentication problems are due to the

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