SWTOR Companions: Andronikos Revel, Part 1

WARNING: This is a long, video-heavy, spoiler-laden post. Videos and major spoilers beyond the cut.

Andronikos Revel is without doubt one of my favourite companions. The storyline is pure romance-novel stuff, wherein the heroine meets the bad-boy pirate, they fall in love, and she manages to rehabilitate him and turn him into a loving, faithful lifemate. Because, you know, that totally happens in real life. My Sith Inquisitor is almost level 40 (I’ve been taking my time) and is almost capped on affection for Andronikos, so I’ve had to put him away for a bit because I don’t want his storyline to end.

This is Andronikos:

For five notorious years, the pirate Andronikos Revel terrorized Republic and Imperial space alike as the captain of the Sky Princess. Known for his sharp temper and sharper flying skills, Revel was one of the few pirate captains to serve as his own pilot.

His piracy career was cut short by a strange mutiny, however, and he was abandoned to the Imperials who had been hunting him since he’d raided a ship carrying valuable artifacts. After a year in Imperial prison, Andronikos Revel was let loose. He has been meticulously hunting and killing the mutineers who betrayed him ever since.

Likes: Action, keeping promises, complications
Dislikes: Authority, betrayal, backing down from a fight

His character is voiced by Steve Blum, veteran of many game and movie voiceovers, and a great actor. I luuuuurve his voice. When I send this companion off on a crafting or gathering mission he growls “You’re going to miss me” and I admit that it gives me shivers. Sad perhaps…but a testament to how well done companions are.

Overall (from the limited experience that I have had so far) I think the game handles romance options very well. This is a new dimension that I haven’t seen in an MMO yet – single player games, yes, but not an MMO. You feel a genuine sense of attachment when a companion starts warming up to you, and the storyline arcs are written quite well. Evidently one class has a very tense storyline involving first romance and then a vicious betrayal – it’s not a class that I wanted to play, but I may have to just for that companion story.

I need more from an MMO than just killing things. As I said to someone recently, I find SWTOR to be addictive in that I can’t wait to see how the story plays out – I have to see the next scene, the next twist. Very nicely done.

And now for the spoilers:

Video one: Andronikos gives you a gift. It’s a weapon, of course – what else would be nearest and dearest to a pirate’s heart?


Video Two: Yo Ho Ho, It’s a Pirates Life for Me. Discussion of being a pilot and a pirate.


Video Three: my character gets her some rough trade pirate booty has a romantic encounter. And he is very romantic. Awwwwww….


Video Four: getting to know each other better. As you do after you have impetuously slept with someone who works for you.


Video Five: first lover’s quarrel. Andronikos evidently doesn’t like being told what to do.


Video Six: Andronikos’ old life comes back to haunt him.


Video Seven: the philosophical pirate. Andronkos gets all metaphysical. I was terrified to talk to him at this point, fearing the marriage and kids conversation. (Seriously? Sith lord with squalling kids and wet nappies? Is that where this is going?) So this will be the last companion quest I do with him for a while…will post Part Two when it happens.



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