Sword of the New World

CharactersThis isn’t a game review. This is a quick impression by someone who tried the beta version of the game, said in quick succession “Oooh, pretty” and “Boy, does this suck” and gave up. Hey, I will freely admit to having NO patience at all. :P

Sword of the New World is gorgeous, in a high-tech dress-up doll sort of way. You can’t change your character’s physical looks aside from choosing gender, but you have a range of stunning costumes to play with. There are some slightly weird cosplay costumes like “school outfit” and “made (sic) outfit” as well, which amused me. I could dress my fighters and mages in school uniforms or maid outfits…awesome. :D

You control a team of up to three characters, who all fight together as a group. The environments are as gorgeous and detailed as the characters.

It’s really, really too bad that the gameplay sucked. I hate games where you don’t have mouse-based movement – ones where you have to click the bit of ground that you want to run over to. I admit that I am too used to Warcraft, but I find that type of movement to be unnatural and awkward. The user interface was horrible, and there wasn’t a lot of help available. When I first created my characters, I added one to the team and then couldn’t find the “play” button to actually get me into an environment. You have to create your team, and then press the “New Team” button…which I had assumed would reset everything. Very frustrating and not fun.

But it was definitely pretty. And that is my game review…written after I didn’t actually play the game. lol…

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