Good day, bad day yesterday. Went for a riding lesson, but not with the same instructor, who’s husband was on shift work. Got the dreaded Working Student. (Not to be too snotty about it, but this is a common practice in riding stables. One trainer who knows what they’re doing, and then a lot of kids giving “lessons” which are a big waste of money. Hey, I did it, once upon a time, but at least I knew what I was doing.) This girl did not. Major attitude problem right off the bat, which immediately put my back up; she then proceeded to give me a “My first pony” lesson. “This is how you hold a horse…do you feel comfortable in walking him down to the arena, or should I take him down for you?” “I don’t know – can you do it with my boot shoved up your narrow, officious little ass?” Grrrr….that was the bad part.

Later that afternoon, Phil and I went walking through the woods, picking up chestnuts and admiring the fall foliage. I’ll post pictures – we have BAGS of them! The outer husk things have wicked sharp spines, though, and we hadn’t thought to bring gloves. God, I love chestnuts – they’re one of my favourite things about cold weather here, and fresh ones are something else entirely. The ones you buy in Tesco come from Spain or someplace…not as good.

I am working on the Signal site, making it more Netscape-friendly; I suppose that I should redo my CV again and start sending it out. I’m going to apply for anything that sounds interesting and that pays enough – within reason, I suppose I will move anywhere. Everything is an adventure.

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  1. you know, something about horses just doesn’t sit well with me…..maybe it’s because they are bigger than me, faster, and crazy…..yeah, very crazy.

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