Sunday, No Rain, No Work Tomorrow

It’s been a good, relaxing if productive weekend, and the best part is…bank holiday tomorrow! :) Spent most of the day with Phil’s friends from Oxford, had lunch, and then I went out to the barn to feed and muck and lunge both horses. As you can see in the pic above, Kip got the nerve to sniff noses with Lizzie (Kip, the boss of his pasture, the dominant horse in a herd of 12-14 horses, is scared to death of the Psycho Mare. If she snorts, he shies sideways to get as far away from her as possible, in case she decides to come through the fence at him again. lol…of course, this pic was taken about five seconds before she reared, screamed and struck out at him. *sigh*

Karen wanted to take some pictures of the rats, so I brought them out of the box. I held Aja, while she went to get the camera, but unfortunately we exceeded the thirty seconds or so that you can hold them upon waking them before they freak and want to be put down. So I (a bit apprehensively) picked up Anansi, and held him up. “Hurry, take the picture. I’m going to have to put him down soon. His eyes are opening – hurry!” :) I’d no desire to lose a finger. Some day I’ll have to do a short video clip of one of them putting monkey nuts (peanuts in the shell) in their cheeks. We’ve seen them put thirteen whole peanuts in the shell in their cheeks at one time (!!).

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  1. I would totally love to see that vid of the rats if you make it! I can’t even get 13 peanuts in my cheeks and I’m much bigger than a rat!

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