Sunday Night

I’ve been in a strange mood. Restless and depressed, all at the same time. I’ve been trawling the job sites, sending out resumes. Nothing in the papers lately. I need to make arrangements to go back to the States – I wanted to wait until after the holidays, but my sister doesn’t know how the extra time is going to affect my mother. I need to go home. Phil can’t/doesn’t want to come, for whatever reasons. It’s cold and rainy and…

Ok, I’m whining. I need to write something later, when I’m in a better mood.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Night”

  1. Diaries are made for having a good grumble to. Seems like you have alot going on at the moment. No wonder you are not feeling 100%. Hope you get things worked out soon ( hugs )

  2. Hey, I know how ruff finding a job can be. But you seem like an extreamly talanted woman, so I’m sure something will come up.

    My condolances about your family issues. However if your coming state-side, and your gonna be over here. I know that there are people here for you.

    best wishes, Mar Sin Leat.

  3. wandringsoul

    Phil is actually fine with going to the States other than currently not having a valid passport and having the strong possibility of being turned away at US customs…we’d discussed the viability of travelling before Xmas but it’s tough, so it looks like early next year unless we can somehow fit it into a short break prior…

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