Sunday Blues

Loved this line from Bio Break:

“It was as if a million voices at once said ‘Meh.’”

~ poster on the RIFT forums

Very funny, and very descriptive of the culmination of the River of Souls live event. Very very meh, and such a shame for Trion to have fumbled the end of the event so badly. I hope that they learn from this and continue to create them, as I think if all had gone well, it would have been enormous fun. And Trion? Fire whomever decided to do a free weekend on the same weekend as the end of the live event; that was an extremely bad decision.

Otherwise, Ravven is still not 50. She is just short of dinging, as I didn’t play much on Sunday. Instead I got a whopping great case of the blues and spent the afternoon watching Firefly on the couch with a glass of vodka and Pepsi. Bad Ravven. I’m having a detox week this week.

After Ravven is 50, I suppose I’ll start on my mage and level her…I just worry a bit about getting on that WoW treadmill where I get bored with dailies, and can’t face levelling another alt. But we will see.


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