Sun Through Clouds

Not much happening on the gaming front, unfortunately. I did get one of the Free Realms beta invites and logged in for a few minutes (small download/install, enough kawaii to set your teeth on edge, probably a lot of fun to play with the kids). I haven’t had a chance to do many of the new dailies with Kit, and I haven’t done more than training in EVE.

I’ve been fighting depression lately. I mean, if I’m honest, I’ve always been a bit emo (without the hairstyle). But this is something worse. So I’ve been like a zombie, getting up early, going to work, coming home late and being good for little for the short rest of the night. It sucks.

Today when I went for a walk at lunch, the weather was gorgeous, everyone was enjoying the day, and I felt a bit better. I like to walk and explore at lunchtime, since I’m not familiar with this area, and I really enjoy browsing in used bookstores – they’re one of my favourite places on earth. I found a great one the other day, very oldfashioned, with heavy carved wood bookcases, some glass-fronted, and dark isles you had to turn sideways to traverse. There were piles of books on the floor and tables, and shelves of the old leather books that I love. It doesn’t really matter what they’re about, I just love heavily gilded leather, worn at the edges, and foxed, darkened pages. There was an old copy of Through the Looking Glass that I would have loved to have, but it was too expensive.

Anyway, today I was in a charity shop looking for books, when I saw a lovely top that I had to have. From the front it was strapless draped transparent cream, beaded with floral designs on the bodice. From the back, it was a laced corset. Perfect for summer days to wear with old jeans. The clerk remarked how pretty it was, and a positively ancient lady tapped me on the shoulder.

“That’s going to go places, that is” she smiled.

What could I say?  I smiled back and said “I hope so.”

There are still some days when I’m glad to be alive…this gorgeous spring day was one of them.  :)

5 thoughts on “Sun Through Clouds”

  1. @Quin: That is very true, and nicely worded. :)

    @Ty: Not much, really – £20 or so. But still too much so soon after our recent financial meltdown. It was lovely, though.

  2. If it’s still there, I’ll buy it.

    Seriously, I will mail you money for it, along with enough to ship it to me.

    I’d kill several people for a really nice edition of Looking Glass, so $50 bucks or so seems like a bargain.

    Heck, I’ll send you extra so you can buy yourself lunch on the day you pick it up.

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