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I haven’t written much because I’ve been doing precious little gaming recently. I may have to change the title of this blog to something like “random thoughts and mundane conversations of little interest to anyone except my mother”.  Possibly.

I did spend some time playing LittleBigPlanet recently, and absolutely loved it. I’m looking forward to doing some level design, but mainly I had fun just being a dork. I really suck at timing and leaping and grabbing onto things so that I can avoid spiky or firey pits of death, so after I realised that you could grab other characters, I resorted to grabbing Miz’ sackboy and throwing her off as much as I could. We died so many times (all my fault), and I laughed until I was crying. It was well-needed.

I’ve mainly been avoiding raids for a number of reasons. After three-plus years spent playing and raiding in Warcraft, I no longer fit well into the very strict five-nights-a-week-or-you’re-out structure. I don’t want to raid five nights a week, and spend hours farming on the weekend in order to pay for all the repairs and flasks and food and raid bullets needed for progress nights. Sometimes I want to just dork around and play alts, or not play at all if I’m very tired – which has happened quite a lot lately.

I haven’t done much EVE at all, since I’m still in a quandary about finding whatever the hell it is that I actually want to do there. I was logging in, doing a few missions and so on…but it was boring. I need to explore more and find my niche…that is my goal for the weekend.  :)

And aside from that? I have a hellish amount of freelance work to do, and the possibility of starting a project that I can call my own. There may be a light at the end of the tunnel, after all the work. I hope so, anyway.

One of the very shiny things that happened recently?  My niece Emily, who just made it through a very delicate and problematic surgery to repair a hole in her heart and the re-routing of an artery from one side of her heart to the other. We are all very thankful that she came through like a trooper…she is a bright soul.


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  1. I hope Emily will get well and forget about surgery soon enough.

    Keep posting random thoughts and mundane conversations – I doubt I share many characteristics with your mother, but I still find them good to read:)

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