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angelina.jpgI was just watching the trailer for the latest Resident Evil installment, and I was thinking about Milla Jovovich.  I enjoy her in anything, even the worst piece of crap (which the RE movies are not, actually).  I like her as a strong, gorgeous female role model, who can kick ass and still look beautiful.  Angelina Jolie is the same way – I am a huge fan of hers.  Sigourney Weaver, in the Aliens movies, is another.  The scene in Alien: Resurrection where she’s playing basketball with Ron Perlman was a revelation for me.  It’s tough finding older female role models, and there she was, dressed in leather, tall, strong, beautiful, toe-to-toe with Ron Perlman.  Awesome.  Another *big* heartthrob is the actress who plays Zoe in Firefly.  I love her.

For me, Warcraft has the same strengths in characters – that’s why everyone plays girls.  They’re beautiful, strong, and do not have the standardised youthful perfection that Guild Wars characters do (for example).  I’m excluding Blood Elves from this statement, of course…they look like mantises and not like people.  But humans, nelfs and trolls are all gorgeous.

That is beauty, for me.  Although I’m no longer an athlete, it was very important to me to be as strong and as fit as possible.  I don’t like botox and silicone and stick insects…women should be strong and intelligent, competitive and dominant.  Those are real women.

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  1. Anjelina kind of ceased to be a strong role model when she started wearing Billy Bobs blood in a vial around her neck, poached another womans lover, then became a stick insect. The potential is wasted.

    Milla – I’d have SO much more respect for her if she stopped the lame cosmetic ads, and I swear she has a clause to appear naked in every movie she does…!

  2. I hate the Resident Evil movies with a deep and abiding passion, but I do like tough women.

    Ripley is still the best of all time, hands down. Sarah Connor in the second Terminator movie was quite good. Very tough and self sufficient. Also, she beat the hell out of a creepy insane asylum guard. You get bonus points for that.

    I tend to play female characters in games for the simple reason that if I’m going to spend hours staring at someone’s ass as they run around, it will not be a male ass.

  3. “I tend to play female characters in games for the simple reason that if I’m going to spend hours staring at someone’s ass as they run around, it will not be a male ass.”

    lol…I know SO many men who say that. :D

    Sarah Connor was great, pretty but still kick-ass. But Ripley will always be my hero.

    What did you think of Zoe in Firefly? I’ve got such a crush on her.

  4. Firefly was an unusual show. Great writing, great characters, and the coolest ship of all time.

    But it was also unusual in that no matter what your taste in women, one of the four women on the show would be right for you.

    I myself am a man of widely varying tastes. I move back and forth on which of the four firefly women I love the most. Kaylee has that heart melting sweetness. River’s creepy enough to be intriguing, and has that great hair. Inara is, well, Inara. The very incarnation of sex.

    But Zoe. I think Zoe might be the best. Zoe is the kind of character that I’d be thrilled to sleep with, but nearly as thrilled to be her friend. That’s unusual. Also, if she was my girlfriend, I would totally let her kick people’s asses for me, and that would rule.

    I think I’d be slightly afraid of making her mad though. That line where she tells Jayne, “I can hurt you.” You totally buy that. Even Jayne looks scared.

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