Strangles II

We’re still all quarantined out in the pastures, so it’s been difficult to get enthusiasm for hauling tons of tack down there to ride out on the streets in the pouring rain. *sigh*

Yesterday I was feeding Kip near Phil’s car, parked in the lane; Phil was talking to me and then, feeling cold, slammed the car door. Kip jumped sky-high, tearing deep divots out of the soaking grass. Then rather than just going back to his feed, he turned around and glared at Phil, obviously for slamming the door. Ears back, nose wrinkled up, total black look which he held for several seconds as he looked at Phil, before going back to his food. We both just fell about laughing, it was so funny and SO un-horselike. He is a total character.

In other news, someone I’d written about the giant African rats finally wrote back – they have two for sale, eleven months old, a male and female. Phil wrote her and we’re waiting to hear back.

3 thoughts on “Strangles II”

  1. wandringsoul

    I’d read that article…it was well written! The thought of two of those giant chewing machines running loose would put the fear of god into most people, but I’m really looking forward to be able to find 1 – or a pair for company…I hate seeing rats kept on their own…we inherited one VERY anti-social rat who’s been kept by herself – very aggressive, very bitey…but once she joined our others and they sorted out their territorial rights, they all got on fine! And she stopped biting!

  2. I can’t wait – they haven’t replied to the mail yet, but we’re hoping it will work out. They seem very intelligent, which is what I really like about our fancy rats.

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