Last night I’d fallen asleep on one of the couches, and around 11:30 P. shook me awake to go upstairs to bed. I woke up (we both verify that I was completely awake) and I was in shock to see that his bare torso and arms were covered in red writing, very small and close, as though someone had written a novel in close rows of cuneiform on his skin, etched in red as though with red Sharpie pen. I kind of choked out “dear God!” or something similar.

Then I blinked, and it was gone.

That was one of the stranger things I’ve ever experienced. I clearly saw the close rows of red symbols on his skin, his entire chest and arms covered in symbols that I couldn’t understand. Translate THAT one for me. :)

2 thoughts on “Strangeness”

  1. You were probably still in a sleepy state. I’ve woken up before to a man in my room shouting at me, he had vanished when I blinked. Put that down to my brain not having woken up properly, agh it still creeps me out to think about it mind you :)

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