Phil and I watched an interesting TV show the other night, about two couples inviting a third into their relationship. (The stereotypical girl-girl-guy threesome.)

The first couple was extremely uncomfortable to watch, in a really creepy way. The guy was very controlling and deeply strange; watching him was like watching Charles Manson’s home videos. His girlfriend was a mouse, without much personality other than a desire to please. He was the one who set up the threesome, by chatting up girls on his own (!) and having them call and talk to her. It was disturbing to watch them; as she talked to the women, he watched her with a very aggressive look, as though he was ready to reach out and pop her one if she didn’t respond as he wanted her to. The woman they met with was not pretty, but had a very forceful personality. He obviously wasn’t prepared to let someone in that he couldn’t control, and he went off camera. The threesome never happened. (Afraid she might be a bad influence on his little mouse?) Very uncomfortable to watch.

The second couple were more interesting: youngish guy, girlfriend older than him by ten years. It was her desire to have a threesome. They found a young girl in a club immediately (she was obviously up for being on TV), and they made a date to meet in a hotel, complete with dress-up lingerie and sex toys. (Perhaps a little over-ambitious for the first time!) The woman felt all the normal things that you might feel: the threat to her relationship when the other girl put a hand on her boyfriend’s crotch, the realization of what it was going to be like to get naked next to a girl sixteen years younger than she. They did it, and evidently it was a good experience, but she did say that most people don’t realise how it is going to affect the relationship.

Interesting show. There is a lot of crap TV here, just like the States…but there is a fair porportion of thought-provoking TV as well. I’ll add to this later…got to leave for work.


Ok, at work. But first, a word from our sponsor this morning.

Anyway, back to the interesting threesome show. I’ve lost the deep and no doubt profound thought that led to initially writing this post this morning, but I just wanted to say that there is nude, and then there is naked. When you do something like this, everything gets exposed: not just your bodies and sexual skills, but your preconceptions and emotional baggage. It’s quite a revealing, if sometimes difficult, experience. I think that most relationships, which exist on a fairly fragile balance, couldn’t survive it.

So, ok…here’s the plan. We’ll all try it this weekend, and then compare notes. lol….

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  1. mercury_realm

    *g-my gf Lani found tv here quite a culture shock when she first came over, and having seen terrestrial tv in the US, I can understand why:) Still, I didn;t see that show, but its good that it was a little more thoughtful than the usual excuse for titilation on Channel 5.

  2. Many years ago I was befriended by a man on a BBS who was looking for a woman to join him and his wife. After much talking, I met them at a bar for some drinks and was very creeped out by the way his wife repeatedly said that she had no interest in women, she was only fulfilling his desire. It seemed to me very obvious that she was unhappy about this and I just couldn’t figure out why they didn’t wait until she was more comfortable with the idea…or find some other way to enhance their sex life. In any case, I politely declined them but I suppose others might not have and I wonder if their relationship survived.

  3. Well the guy on this programme was just too weird – his gf had recently ‘decided’ she was bi, at least that’s what she said on camera, but he was very creepy, and as said above he was looking at her in such a way you knew that if she didn’t ‘behave’ when he handed his cell phone to her that she was in trouble…

    It irritated me that such a guy could walk all over someone like that…she needed to get out.

  4. Been there, done that, have the T-shirt..

    Its something that is very true though.. you don’t really know how it will affect the relationship.. espcially one that isn’t grounded in trust and security..

    My experiences with this have been pleasant but only because my SO at the time was decidedly bisexual when we met and it was a joint decision.. had we found a suitable long term third partner it probably could have developed into something more substantial than sex..

    In the end it wasn’t the group encounters we had but her inability to let herself be loved unconditionally that ended the relationship….

  5. *pouting*

    Damn… all the beautiful women I want are across oceans and I’m stuck here hosting a mexican dinner for my mother and my aunts.

    Somehow I like your weekend plans better ;).

  6. hhhhmmmm not a bad plan at all….I would do the same thing. maybe I can just meet two women at once…:D

  7. No chance of Tim and I experimenting..we are visiting his sister this weekend :-) maybe we will put the threesome thing on hold, we might try it if we ever get bored with what we have!

  8. No chance of Tim and I experimenting..we are visiting his sister this weekend :-) maybe we will put the threesome thing on hold, we might try it if we ever get bored with what we have!

  9. Awwww…. *s* Weekend fantasy, more like. At the moment, though, I’m having a fantasy of one of your wonderful dinners. *yum*

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