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Wow Insider had a post this morning on Where do you want your character to die? Interesting thought, although I kind of like the idea of Kitsune carrying on after I am gone, rather than the reverse. I know that sentiment, and the concept of game avatars having lives of their own, is incomprehensible to anyone who doesn’t play MMOs. If you do, though? You will probably understand.

Hey, I’m not embarrassed to admit that I used to log Kit out in pretty areas sometimes, even when she was levelling or when it was a pain to get her there. Just she and Ennui, her boar, kicking back by a roaring campfire. It made a pretty picture, and I’m not so adult that I am embarrassed to share that little secret. :)

I’ve levelled characters who weren’t “people”, but I didn’t care very much for them and it was difficult at times to put the time into them. Kitsune has always been a person to me, right from the moment that I created her. She kind of sprung into life complete with a personality and a backstory. I’ve been with her for so long that she feels like a friend, someone who I’ve actually known. She’s me, or the flip side of me…solitary, smart, sarcastic, and a fighter. Once you have her loyalty, though, she would fight to the death for you.

Where would Kit die? Fighting heroically for a lost cause, or against insurmountable odds. Alone, probably in some icy winter pass far from her beloved autumn woods of Azshara. I can see her in the snow, knowing that she couldn’t possibly survive the encounter, but throwing herself into the fight anyway. And Ennui would be with her until the end.

This is why I game. Who can be a hero in real life? I guess that this is important enough to me for my very first tattoo to be her name – and I would never have a tattoo that didn’t have a very personal meaning.

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