Stock Images: Ideas?

As and when I have the time (which isn’t as often as I’d like, unfortunately!) I’ve been working on 3D/CGI art for stock images. I use them myself in covers and art, and I have a small portfolio of stock images on Depositphotos. These are mainly for poses and costumes only, as it can be very difficult to find any type of action pose on stock sites, and genre-specific costumes can also be difficult to find. Use the body, replace head/hair with photo textures, and quite often you can’t tell the difference.

These are mainly in the science fiction, urban fantasy or steampunk genres, as romance and historical stock is very well covered. There also isn’t exactly a shortage of hunky shirtless male models in normal stock. :)

I’m also trying to build a portfolio of PoC models, as that can be difficult to find – especially in science fiction, fantasy, etc.

My question is: what are the types of things that you look for, but can’t find? The stuff that I can create is somewhat limited in terms of costume to the outfits that I have access to, of course.

There are always images that you assume you’ll be able to find TONS of, but upon looking realise that you don’t have a lot of choices: things such as back views of girls in jeans. Lots of unusable/cringeworthy ones, but very few cool-looking ones of tough urban fantasy girls with long hair. Just one example…what is yours?

I’d honestly like to know.

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    1. Still working on that one – hair is tough in CGI, and all of the addons for hair that I have still look pretty fake. I almost always replace it with real hair. :(

  1. I’m keeping an eye on your Depositphoto page, and here’s what I’d like to see:
    – more men! ;) Currently looking for contemporary fantasy handsome 40something who might look like a Bollywood hero, with longish hair, clean-shaven, casual clothes.
    – more mature women! :) I need a silver-haired woman for that same contemporary fantasy. A bob of hair and no mid-riff exposed, she’s 50something (although she looks younger)! ;)

  2. I’m looking for poc characters – male and female – in good armour but no shields, in action poses, that I can combine into a trio on my cover for the final part of my fantasy serial. Several of your stock pics are almost what I need. I’m having a go with the ones I’ve found, but if a tall blond poc warrior with his back mostly to us happened to appear in the lineup, I’d be delighted.

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