Still Sleeping

Anansi is a bit better, although he’s still sleeping most of the time, and will get very cold if he’s not bedded with hot water bottles – as if he can’t maintain a normal body temperature on his own. I was up at 2:30 and 4:00 this morning, giving him water and trying to get some mashed avocado and banana into him. He tried to crawl out of the cat carrier, so I put him on the floor and he crawled around for a short time, rather like a crocodile with its eyes closed. Then he was wiped out and went back into the carrier. This morning I put the carrier into the big rat cage so he and Aja could see each other, but he went downhill pretty fast so he’s back upstairs, next to the computer, with hot water bottles. He did manage to give Phil a pretty good bite when we were trying to get antibiotic into him, so at least he’s still fighting.

We had a big clear-out on the third floor because Phil had brought me a HUGE desk from work, big enough for my scanners and Wacom and printer. Nice. I’m wiped out now, though…it’s like being a new mum and waking up every few hours, you just feel so shagged during the day.

Off to Warcraft…my warlock is calling. :)

6 thoughts on “Still Sleeping”

  1. “so shagged during the day”

    Luck you!

    (oh … that isn’t how you meant it … sorry!)

    Hope it gets warmer for the ratties soon…

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