Still Not Dead

…although at times I feel like it. :)

Everything continues at a mad pace, with all-day meetings taking time away from work that has to be done. But all is well, and I am enjoying all of this hugely.

From The Village Voice: Blogging Off

“…It takes a lot to make me rethink my place in this city, and even more to make me question my very existence. But lately, irrational social fears are keeping me up at night. Something is going horribly wrong, and I have finally traced the problem to its source: blogs…Or, more specifically, the Blogosphere—a land where the smart get smarter, the connected connect to one another, and the losers go home….”

On a further note, someone at the stable has been telling the owner of the farm that Kip has been “acting like a stallion” and attacking other horses and people. Understand, although he’s recently been gelded, this is the most gentle, Eeyore-ish horse in the world. I’ve watched him in pasture, and he stays on the outskirts of the group, with a couple of gelding friends. There are only a couple of mares in his pasture, and he craps himself in fear if they even look at him cross-eyed.

I really hate being in situations where people are backbiting and telling tales just to cause emotional drama. It’s so highschool. I’ve been in barns where there were a lot of people like that, and it’s not fun. Most of the people here are nice, but there are evidently two women who like a lot of melodrama. It really chaps my ass.

Anyway, back to work. These are stolen moments. To everyone who thinks I fell off the face of the earth, I WILL mail soon. :)

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