Still Alive

…but no time for the computer or LJ. Due to the long days and the TON of work to do during the day, by the time I get home after stable chores and (once!!!) riding, it’s just too late.

Top Sekrit Projekt is going well, but the drive is really taking it out of me. Remember, I have NO sense of direction – I was born without one, like a disability. There are tons of small but complicated roundabouts that complicate my commute – for those of you in the States, a roundabout replaces four-way-stops. It’s a circle, with lanes shooting off sort of like an octopus. Sometimes there are two related roundabouts, like two octopi mating. Sometimes there are three, like an underwater menage a trois with legs shooting off every which way. Several times I’ve missed the road I wanted due to not being able to see or interpret the correct sign and watch rush hour traffic at the same time.

I’m happy, although exhausted. Oops…out of time, got to run. :)

3 thoughts on “Still Alive”

  1. … but I wanted to say thank you, for your understanding and support. I hadn’t had a chance to respond to what you last wrote me, but I did want to take a moment to say thanks.

    Also, J says to tell you he misses you and we both wish you much luck with the new project/job.

  2. I miss you both – and hope things are better now. :) When the Angel-baby is older, you’ll have to come for a visit – we could have SO much fun. Side trip to Paris? :)

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