Steampunk Lovely

Steampunk gorgeousness, seen today as a result of being bored to tears and aimlessly surfing to avoid going entirely mad:

2119678871_fac33b6b73porkshank’s photostream

Also this one

And this steampunk band, great site, great look and great music: Abney Park

And this: Steampunk Art @ Oxford, with a wonderful list of links to steampunk creators, modders and artists’ sites.

3 thoughts on “Steampunk Lovely”

  1. WOW that’s awesome, I especially like the museum exhibition! I’m a sucker for that stuff haha!

  2. I wouldn’t really consider that steampunk. Steampunk is a style, but the elements of that style are based on authenticity, using real gear driven watches instead crystal movement, for instance. To take an electronic device and make slap on steampunk applique, no matter how artfully, isn’t real steampunk. If you notice in steampunk stories, the epicenter is craftsmen and artisans. One can’t take a mass produced item and apply a steampunk treatment. (Though, yes I know it happens all the time.)

  3. You’re entirely correct, although I do admit that I’m a huge fan of “skinning” objects in a steampunk style – such as casemods for computers, etc. I think a lot of the objects that you see online aren’t working steampunk, but they’re quite pretty nonetheless.

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