steampunk02.jpgI spent most of the day collecting reference images as a starting point for doing the concept art on the 3D areas that we’re developing. Since it has to be fairly simple for X3D, the trick is to find a style that works – plain and boxy is bad, but filesizes have to be small to render quickly within a browser. (That’s part of the reason I was demonstrating Warcraft the other day – I love the visual style. Stylized, without being “cartoony” and not requiring a high-spec machine to render it.)

So, I now have a huge collection of images based around:

  • Steampunk
  • Art Nouveau
  • Art Deco

And that’s led to sites as diverse as the Bioshock site, A:N:A:C:H:R:O:N:A:U:T, and Klockwerks. :)

I have a headache now, and am looking forward to going home. So tired.

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