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I’ve been an MMO serial monogamist for years. I get passionate about a game, either brand-new or one that I have played off and on for years, play the hell out of it, and then sneak off for the stereotypical pack of cigarettes in the middle of the night, never to be seen again. It’s probably a character flaw.

Legion was one of the best Warcraft expansions that I’ve ever seen, and everything was a huge amount of fun. I reached cap on my hunter and then…just kind of gradually petered out. I suppose it’s my usual performance for Warcraft xpacs, mainly due to the fact that I don’t raid (which makes it all seem a bit pointless). Raiding definitely falls into that second-job territory, and although I’m a bit ambivalent about committing to raiding at all in any game due to the time suck factor, if I did it would be in FFXIV as I think the content is more interesting.

Playing at all with the ongoing problems in my hands, wrists and lower arms has been tough. I’ve done a lot of fishing in FFXIV as a result – it’s the only thing that I can do with minimum stress on tendons. Boo suck.

Recently I started playing Overwatch, which I haven’t played since beta. I suck, but I’m having a lot of fun. At my age, my reflexes will never be able to compete with teen FPS players. Should I be playing on teams that I won’t be able to give my best to? I must be a bad person because I am, and I enjoy it. I keep voice chat off as I’ve no desire to be cursed at by eleven-year-olds of course…they can all kiss my ass. Yeah, I’m a bad person. :)

Halloween is coming up and in October I plan to dive back in to The Secret World, longtime love and the absolute queen of horror games. I used to be religious about buying and loving all new issues, but as content got less and less forgiving for solo-only players it got tougher to justify. It’s a shame. Tokyo was such a slog as a solo player that I haven’t played much since.

That’s pretty much it. I’m a lonely MMO vagrant, just looking for companions along the way.

4 thoughts on “State of the Game”

  1. Your posts always make me laugh. I’ve been married to two games for many years and flirted with one – EQ2, SWTOR and my side affair is Landmark, which is my husband’s fave. Sometimes we play with each other…and now I’m starting to sound kinky.

    *waving from the world of MMOs*


  2. Oh yes. I know this feeling too well. I’ve actually managed to stick with WoW for several months now though, despite loving Legion so very much, I’m still feeling the pull of “sneaking off for the stereotypical pack of cigarettes in the middle of the night” ;)

    The worst thing is, I now HOBBY hop. I’ll spend a few weeks stitching, a few weeks MMOing, a few weeks blogging.. right now I’m feeling the blogging/bookwormy pull but I said I’d stick with WoW and raid. SO TORN AGH.

  3. I think it’s a good thing, in one sense – we have so much content available to us that it is great to shift current passions to one thing or another. And yet, I really kind of miss those “second job” days of raiding, mostly for the guild involvment.

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