Starting an Aion Legion

I’ve been thinking dangerous thoughts lately. Since I don’t have a lot of real-life friends who are planning on playing Aion, and since my Warcraft guildies are being pretty close-mouthed about playing Aion (it’s tough for a raider to play two MMOs), I’ve been thinking about legions. Finding the right one, or perhaps…starting my own.

And then I slap myself and tell myself to wake the fuck up and stop being stupid.

I thought of a great name for one, which makes it very tempting although I know that path leads to nervous breakdown and bitterness. And no, I’m not telling anyone what it is. It’s mine, all mine….my precioussss.  :)

It’s tempting. I could set up a kickass site and forums, get a TeamSpeak or Vent server…but the drama. I just couldn’t handle Teh Drama. The path of the guild leader leads to madness – but then I do have this really great name.


4 thoughts on “Starting an Aion Legion”

  1. hehe… I had the same thoughts.. and a name… then found out someone I kinda knew from WoW was making an Asmodian legion so I joined in heh. Much better than going at it alone.

  2. I’ll probably find an existing guild as well. I know that people from my WoW guild are on the beta, but no one wants to lose their raid spot by announcing that they’re going to be spending time in another game. :)

  3. Yeah, I’m going with the find a legion thing too. I’d rather live the drama as a player, and not as the leader, he’s the one who has to solve everything, that’s not the kind of things I’m good at :P

  4. I never went mad, no wait that’s a lie! Wibble. Who ate all the pies, oh I did. Concave or not that is the question.

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