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I’ve been a bit sad about the news regarding Cheyenne Mountain’s ongoing financial difficulties.  I really, really wanted to see this game make it to release, and the screenshots and video that I’ve seen so far were very encouraging. I also had a chance to have a sneek peek at the early beta, courtesy of a friend who was on it, and although rough it was wonderful to be able to walk around the Stargate set. (And see Teal’c standing there in his skivvies!)

The IP is perfect for an MMO, I think – the potentially unlimited gate worlds, the brilliant baddies like the Goa’uld – I would so love to play this game. But even though the developers are claiming to still be working on the game, the outlook is pretty bleak.  :(

I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Stargate. We missed it on TV, but in our recent financial difficulties a friend saved our sanity by giving us a huge storage box filled with every single episode of both series, plus the movies. It was a godsend, and ever since I’ve been thinking what an awesome MMO it would make.

Fingers crossed that they make it…


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  1. We just finished watching SG-1 Season 10 a few days ago. Eric refuses to watch SGA but I am slowly working my way through it on his D&D nights. And I’m working on him to download the movies. (I enjoyed SG-1 rather more than he did, if you can’t tell.)

    But … while I enjoyed the show and can see the MMO potential in the IP … well … I don’t expect Cheyenne Mountain to pull this one off successfully. I believe I am still be under NDA from my interview there, but suffice it to say that I turned them down for good reason.

    (And unfortunately I have a lot of experience now with identifying doomed MMO projects.)

  2. Aah, that’s very disappointing. I know that none of the news has been good, but I really liked what they’d shown so far. No, it’s probably not a game that I would have “lived in” like Warcraft, but the idea had enormous potential.

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