Stag Night

Last day at work before the wedding, and there is SO much to do. Tomorrow we’ll be baking cake layers, ready to be put together on Sunday morning. Phil’s mom sent us an e-card, since the phone has been turned off and she won’t be able to call. Tonight we’re having a joint stag party at Scandals, a local tittie bar, um, exotic dance club. ;) A lot of people from work will be going, and it should be a lot of fun. I don’t know what these places are like in England, but the clientel here tends to be at least half couples. I thought about doing something fun/embarrassing for Phil, like having him taken up onstage by the girls, but they charge an awful lot of money for that, and you can’t take pictures, so I probably won’t. We’ll have fun, though. I’ll post again on Tuesday, as I won’t be online until then.

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