Staffordshire Ghost Legends

In a cemetery at Burslem there lies the tomb of a witch, Molly Leigh – sometimes known as Molly Lee.
After her burial, the priest returned to her house only to find her sitting in the corner of the room. She was returned to the tomb which was found to be turned around by 90 degrees. The priest had the tomb realigned and buried her again, this time with a blackbird to lay the spirit to rest. The next day the tomb had returned to being 90 degrees mis-aligned, but the body remained in the tomb and so it remains today.

The Mermaid Inn near Leek in the Staffordshire Moorlands marks a point in the moors where, at an acidic pool, the repeated sightings of a ghost in the pool has sparked the Mermaid Legend. The legend suggests that on the night of Easter’s Eve, a young man on seeing the mermaid will be granted riches for one year. But he will be so infatuated with her beauty, he will be drawn to throw himself into the pool to be with her forever.

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