I was trying to update and catch up on friend’s posts, but Phil came upstairs and said I was typing too loudly. :( So I won’t.

I’ve been up since before four, unable to sleep after a dream in which his little friend from work, the one who is so rude to me on the phone (in squeaky-voiced baby-talk! As in he’ll be back in a “widdle” while!), showed up at the house to tell me a few things that Phil had been afraid to. I hate dreams like that; I just want to roll over and push him out of bed, even though I know it’s just a dream. *sigh*

Back downstairs to warm up. I’ll be quiet now.

4 thoughts on “Ssssshhhhh…”

  1. wandringsoul

    Yes, it is only a dream…I hate it when you think bad thigns about me even in your sleep…as for the typing, sorry – but that damn keyboard sounds like a group of elves tap-dancing in clogs on a packing crate…let’s put it this way – it actually woke me up…and not too many things do that!

  2. wandringsoul

    Actually, I have one, it’s a much quieter one, I’m going to do here a swap for the clunky one she’s got!!

    : )

  3. I’ve had those types of dreams before. I will wake up STEAMING mad. Once it was so bad, I couldn’t even speak to the boy for the whole morning, bless him. He understood.

    *big hugs* Those kind of dreams suck. They leave you feeling rung out, don’t they? I’ve not had one in ages, I’m sure I’m due for one. *heh*

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