It was warm and beautiful last night, and everyone at the stable lingered with their horses rather than rushing through all of the normal chores. All over the yard you could see people hand-walking horses, washing muddy tails and legs, and chatting in the warm air. At lunch today I went for a walk, and the pussywillows were out. (What do you call them here – catkins?)

The roadworks were very slow again this morning. I swear the same guy was standing there, looking into the giant hole and meditatively scratching his ass. Maybe it was a cutout…fake workers so that you can see Your Tax Dollars At Work. lol…

2 thoughts on “Spring…maybe”

  1. wandringsoul

    Well, they’re tax ‘pounds’ for one thing – don’t forget where you are m’dear…and I realised what he’s doing – he’s traffic control!! He’s the bastard that’s managing (!!) the 3-way traffic lights!!!

    Oh and pussy willows are called pussy willows here too…tho their alternative name IS catkins…

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