Spring is really, truly, finally here and I feel SO much better. It’s still cold, and rainy more often than not, but daffodils are everywhere, the pastures are all acid green with new grass, and the horses are running around like idiots, drunk with warmth and rich grass. I love it.

This weekend I went on a long ride out into the dairy farms, very relaxed, with everyone enjoying the day. We passed a field that had been recently fertilised with slurry (anyone who lives in the country knows that smell) and someone said “Now that’s a spring smell.” lol…I suppose it is.

Went to a show Sunday at the really posh barn in the area, where there are dressage shows every Sunday. Froze my fingers off (almost literally – my hands were purple!) taking video of everyone. I’ll capture it tonight and burn onto CDs for everyone. *sigh* As soon as I can find a trailer big enough to wedge Kip’s fat ass into, we’ll be there, too.

Still looking for a new job, but taking my time to find the right one.

2 thoughts on “Spring!!!”

  1. You really having trouble finding a trailer fopr Kip? I’m sure someone round here could help if he is that big, we are afterall the county of shires and punches.

  2. I’m having trouble being able to go with someone in their trailer (all standard size trailers, too small)…eventually I’ll buy one, but it would be impossible to justify that now. :(

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