I created a community for SpiralDance, our presently-on-hiatus dark fantasy zine. There were a lot of very creative people involved at one time with editing and writing SD, and we were all really proud of it. Life, and nine-to-five jobs, have a way of stealing time away from creative pursuits, and we all drifted away. I really want to start working on it again. I work as a web developer/designer, and there is precious little art or creativity in my life now. There is precious little that is done purely for the love of it, and I miss that.

Feel like becoming involved, even just to provide ideas? The SpiralDance community is here: .

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  1. mercury_realm

    Hello Ravven. I noticed that you’d added me to your friends,and was pleasantly surprised to note that you live a stones throw away. What are you doing up this neck of the woods? For that matter, what am I?. My gf is from SD and we’re hoping to move back there in the new year.
    I took a browse through your site,you’re tremendously talented, so I can relate to your frustration. I do the 9-5 thing too, and trying to maintain my artist endevours as anything other than as a hobby is killing me. I’m coming down with something loathsome.

    Anyway,I’ll return the compliment,and add you too if thats okay.
    Hope you’re feeling a little more upbeat soon, I think its partly getting used to the climate of these parts.

  2. Thanks for writing – I had stumbled across your journal, followed the link to your site, and was very taken by your artwork. You’re a very good artist. (Nice site, as well!) Are you really going to move back to San Diego? Not that I blame you – it is a beautiful city, and I do admit that I miss California. I lived in Los Angeles (Laurel Canyon, Glendale) for ages, and moved here about a year and a half ago with my husband, who was originally from this area. I do love it here, and plan to stay permanently. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t yearn for SoCal weather on occasion, though! ;)

  3. mercury_realm

    Hey Ravven-thanks for the compliment. I’m thinking of redesigning the front end of my site to be honest-It’ll be the third time this year, and even though I hate design (I do the corporate whore thing for an ad aency already) I get really bored and critical of my own stuff easily.
    And yes, I can’t wait to move to Cali-I was born in Ireland and moved to Liverpool when I was young, so having spent quite a lot of time in the sunny state, I’ve gotten really world weary of Old Blighty. Don’t get me wrong, theres parts of the UK I love-Cornwall, the Lake District and Ireland of course, but for the most I’m probablly developed the same dystopia for the place as you have for the US. The corruption really isn’t very much different here-the David Kelly ‘suicide’ a case in point, but if I’m honest its things like the climate, weinershnizel, surfing and the attitude that people have to each other that attracts me.

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