SpamSpamSpamSpam, SpamSpam…

Spam I Am. Tons of it. :(

Random thoughts:

I think Kipper is getting either bored or lonely, since he hasn’t had much attention lately. He actually called to me when he saw me coming through the pasture, and called again several times after I left, so it’s not just cupboard love, thank you very much, Phil. :P I’m going to start lunging him in the pasture so he’s ready to start work again as soon as I get him shod. I don’t want to take him off the grass with his horrible hooves that crumble at slightest sign of rocks. I miss riding him so much.

I just finished Bill Bryson’s Down Under, which I loved. He is so funny, and has the admirable ability to make an interesting/amusing anecdote of the most obscure bit of history or brief encounter during his travels. I’d love to meet him.

Otherwise, I am just looking forward to the weekend. Does it ever bother you how much of our lives we spend waiting for things? When I grow up. When we can afford this. When the weekend comes. When summer’s here. It eats up our lives.

Sex in front of windows, half-hidden in the darkness, is a lot of fun.


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