Spammers Everywhere

I get spam in waves on this blog – sometimes quite a lot, and sometimes just a few. It doesn’t seem to follow the scripted patterns that you would expect. I’ve had periods where I was deleting pages of Chinese or Russian porn or pharmaceutical spam, and then it just goes away. The rest of the time I get search optimisation company spam. I know that I presently work for an internet marketing company, so I may be biting the hand that parsimoniously feeds me, but I fail to see the point of you making nonsensical comments on a gaming site, listing a different name and a different Canon camera URL on each. It’s obviously the same company.

On an only somewhat related matter, does anyone else use Google as a dictionary? I just looked up “parsimoniously” to see how it was spelt by putting it in as a search in Google.

No deep thoughts here, just move on…some days you have something to write about, and some days you just don’t. :)

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