Sore Ass

It’s been a long time since I’ve ridden a horse. Over two years, I think, since I sold Robin. I can FEEL how long it’s been – my seatbones, pelvic arch, and other assorted bits and pieces, all bruised and aching.

Good lesson, though – I liked the trainer a lot. Gorgeous farm with old, stone buildings, although a bit run down and showing the lack of care that shortage of cash brings.

Today we are working. I have the Signal Radio site almost ready to go, since thankfully Phil made the decision to not do all the code hacks necessary to make a css site appear as desired in Nutscrape. Eliminator is almost ready to go. :) Again, a little iffy in Netscape, but fuck it. Something like 4% of everyone that will see the site has it, so we made a decision, based on what I was being paid, to not worry about it. Not entirely good form, but still…I’m working pretty cheaply here.

After this is all over, I need to SERIOUSLY start looking for another job. I need to be able to afford a horse, after all. :)

3 thoughts on “Sore Ass”

  1. I have not been on a horse for about 10 years, I can still smell horses in my head when I think of them…( does that sound weird?) I should try and find out if we have a local riding school. I am sure to be a bit rusty after all this time.

  2. I know EXACTLY what you mean! I rode during my of my childhood, and then for a long time as a young adult, I couldn’t afford to keep a horse. But I could still remember exactly how they smelled. I remember, as a child, putting my face against a horse’s shoulder or neck and inhaling the sweet/sweat smell deeply. It’s a very good smell. :)

    I’ve always found that riding, or even just grooming or listening to horses eat, was very relaxing and theraputic. I could have the worst day, and then go out to the stable, groom a horse, and feel better. Let me know if you do it…

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