Soooo Hot

It continues to be very hot and muggy here. The sky is overcast, so there is a thin layer of greyness holding all the heat in. It’s difficult to breathe, and I long for sea air and breezes.

I do miss camping. Phil and I used to go to the coast along the California/Oregon border now and again to camp for the weekend. It was wonderful.

Camping in the US is different than here. For one thing, you are allowed to build absolutely massive fires. There’s nothing like searing meat or melting marshmallows on a fire that is turning the pine boughs twenty feet above you toasty brown. ;)

I remember an inadvisedly early camping trip one March, when we felt as though we were going to freeze to death during the night. It wasn’t cold enough, though, to stop me consuming a bottle or two of our favourite wino wine, taking my clothes off, and trying to seduce Phil under the trees. The soul of sensibility, he bundled me back into the tent before I could make too much of an idiot of myself.

lol…ah, the good old days.

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