Socially Yours

Well, after another extremely unpleasant night trying to get Sartharian down with three drakes up, I decided that I’d finally had enough. Normally our guild leader is wonderful, but he’s been so focussed on doing this since two other guilds on our server have already done it. (Personally, I could care less – it’s not worth all the bad feeling.)

After every try, dps meters are posted, and almost everyone except the mages are chastised for not having enough dps. Everyone who stepped in a void zone or got hit by a firewall is called out in raid chat (fair enough). Most nights, there’s one person who tries to offer an excuse for getting killed, and they are subject to a five to ten minute rant over teamspeak. (I made that mistake one night.) People will say “fine, then replace me please” when they’ve made a mistake or not done quite enough dps. I felt like that every night: kill me, stick sharpened pencils in my eye, coat me with honey and make me sit in a cage with horny wombats, but please let me the fuck out of here.

So, after I logged I posted on the forums and asked to be demoted from the core raiding group to Social. I just don’t want to do it anymore. Yes, I’d really like to see the new content coming up, but this is just not worth it, most evenings are actively miserable, and there is no way in hell that any of us should waste a precious night of our lives being miserable playing a game.

I was still pissed off afterwards, so I watched TV for a bit. Leaving Las Vegas was on, and since I’d never seen it I watched it. Yep, I felt all chirpy after that one, I can tell you.  :D

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