Sobering Thought for the Day

“BAGHDAD, April 29 (Reuters) – Um Jenan used to wear gold jewellery, tight jeans and see-through blouses to attract VIP clients to her apartment in Baghdad — until the masked men in black packed her into a minibus and drove her away. When they laid out her body in front of her home the next day, she was dressed in loose-fitting sweat pants and a T-shirt. A banner on the wall above said “God is greatest!.” Beside her lay her severed head. “I couldn’t stop looking at her,” said Ali Waad, who was 11 when Um Jenan was murdered by a death squad loyal to Saddam Hussein in 1999. “Other boys burst out crying, but I just stood there staring at the head.” Such was the brutal justice meted out to prostitutes under the rule of Saddam, driving the world’s oldest profession deep underground in recent years.”

I was definitely against the war. But there were, and are, tragedies like this happening against women all over the world. Not just in places like Afghanistan or Iraq, but also in Africa. I know that I bitch about how destructive Bush has been (and will prove to be in the future) of women’s rights in the US, but you don’t find loose women beheaded.


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