So…that happened

Well, just after the holidays the entire world started to come apart at the seams, and by now most of us are on lockdown to a certain extent. In the UK we’re allowed to go out alone and shop…if there is anything to be found in the markets, which varies wildly. Initially, due to panic buying and hoarders, the shelves were mostly empty but now it’s a bit better. Toilet paper is still as elusive as the unicorn, though.

We’re allowed out (officially) once per day for a form of exercise as long as we stay away from others. Unofficially, however, the police will probably send you home as with the warmer weather we have a problem with jerks congregating in parks, etc. YOLO and all that, sorry if someone’s gran dies. Ugh.

Now, I work from home so I’m used to isolation, but there are currently a lot of people losing their minds due to being shut in. Marriages are falling apart as people are actually forced to spend an extended period of time with their loved ones. Parents are trying to homeschool, and lord am I SO glad that my daughter is grown, because that seems like hell on earth.

We are all news junkies now, and the news is all terrible. Country after country broke our collective hearts: first China, then Italy, then Spain. Currently the US is winning again (at least in terms of COVID-19 positives and deaths). Yaay. India, I fear, will be the next centre and it’s going to be horrible. South Korea continues to be a shining example and after an early rise (due to a secretive religious cult and a super-spreader) managed via widespread testing and GPS exposure tracking managed to bring casualties way down. Be like Korea, kids…not the US.

Well, that’s my plague journal. We’re drinking too much, worrying too much, and we all dread the future if there isn’t a vaccine looming on the horizon. No country will be able to stay in lockdown forever, and eventually there will need to be a very terrible choice made at enormous cost…and that is something that none of us want to ever see.

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