So Sad

Oh… I was just doing some quick scanning through LJ and the other journals I read, when I read that Socar Myles’ Stella had died. I am so sad about that…I know that sounds strange, since I’ve not met nor corresponded with her, but still. I’m almost in tears right now. Here’s the entry. I think she’s a wonderful writer, I love her artwork, and there are only two people I’ve read online that have ever heard of giant pouched rats, much less owned one. I loved reading about Stella’s antics. I would hate for anything to happen to ours, and they don’t interact with us as much as Stella did with her. (Perhaps because they have each other, and Stella was an “only child” – I don’t know. How very sad.

3 thoughts on “So Sad”

  1. It turns out wee Stella had quite the online following. Her dying was just the worst, but I’m at least glad to know all the stories about her made people happy (and, in a couple of cases, made them start to like rats). I hope your giant rats live long and healthy lives!

  2. Thank you. I loved the stories about Stella. I’m wondering if I should have our female spayed…I would have assumed, also, that tumors were a domestic rat issue. :(

  3. It’s really hard to say, on the spaying issue. On the one hand, better safe than sorry. With small animals, cancer can sneak up REALLY fast, sometimes. On the other hand, spaying is a pretty major operation, especially for smaller animals. You take a risk just having it done. I never had Stella fixed because at the time, I didn’t think cancer would be a problem, and I didn’t have a problem with her behaviour.

    I haven’t heard of too many instances where giant rats have come down with abdominal cancers, but they aren’t exactly common pets.

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