So close, yet so far…

I almost had a vacation day tomorrow. I had my form signed and everything. But I think I’ll have to come in in the morning, just to see how the upload of all of the product for the US site went…if it went. :( To add salt and lime juice to the wound, Phil went and booked the day off, so he’ll be home chatting or on the PS2 while I’m at work. Waaaah.

I’ve been reading “Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About,” and I like it a great deal…it’s very funny, even if the lines are too close to things that I’ve said, or had said to me. I’d seen the site ages ago, of course, but this is a proper novel and definitely worth reading. Especially if you a) are in a relationship, or b) have ever worked in the IT department of a college or university – spot on. As follows (from the site):

Margret and I are going up a mountain, side by side, on a drag lift in Germany. The white noise of the snow under our skis is the only sound until Margret begins to speak.
Margret – ‘This woman – “Hannah”, is it? – what’s she like?’
Mil – ‘She seems OK.’
Margret – ‘How old is she.’
Mil – ‘About thirty, I think.’
Margret – ‘What colour is her hair?’
Mil – ‘Black.’
Margret – ‘Does she smoke?’
Mil – ‘Yes.’


3 thoughts on “So close, yet so far…”

  1. No. Not really. I think I kinda know ;).

    But then again, you guys can be quite exasperating in your own right, so :P.

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