Snow Queen Berries

I went for a walk along the canal today at lunch, and I swear I’ve never seen so many berries. Brambles, of course, and little ones like elderberries in the states. Ones that might be blackcurrant or redcurrant. Huge, red rose-hip things the size of cherry tomatos, translucent and gorgeous. They looked as though they would be sweet as cherries or strawberries on the tongue, very tempting.

Tempting also were the pure, white berries that looked both poisonous and alluring. They looked like something that would make you fall into an enchanted sleep, a gift from the Snow Queen that would cause you to fall with them still in your hand, deep into soft snowlike banks of dream and death.

Temptation whispering to me as I walked…I wonder what they would have tasted of? Snow and metal and ice, cold and anesthetic on the tongue.

4 thoughts on “Snow Queen Berries”

  1. cadavre__exquis

    I apologize, but for some reason your entry recalls little Ralph from the Simpsons:

    “It tastes like… burning!”

    Followed by:

    “I ated the purple berries!”

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