Cold but sunny this morning, and then mid-morning the sky just filled with snow. The above shot is from one of the Hanley webcams on the BBC Stoke site. I really, really hope this clears by five, because I don’t fancy driving home in the snow. It hasn’t stopped – it’s so thick out there.

I feel like making snowballs…


  • bellanna

    It looks so pretty. Still no snow here :( I wish it would snow, it would mean Tim would have to work from home, I like having him around during the day.

  • uathsaille

    The drive wasn’t too bad, surprisingly. It was very beautiful…driving through the farmland at dusk, when the light had gone all slivery, everything blanketed in snow. So beautiful.

  • uathsaille

    Yes, I love having time off when it has snowed very hard, when Phil and I can both just stay in our warm house by the fire. Very nice. :)

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