snips and snails & puppydog tails

jay-and-silent-bob.jpgIt’s interesting how the social dynamic of a group can change radically with the addition of just a few people. I’ve written about how I love my guild, which although a “serious” raiding guild (all in the process of attunement for Black Temple and Mt Hyjal, only Vashj to go in Serpentshrine, etc.), still manages to have a lot of fun. They’re friendly, mature in outlook if not in age, and generally are enjoyable semi-strangers to spend evenings with. The guild leader is wonderful, and raids are usually good experiences with very little drama.

Recently, however, we’ve taken on a new player who has made guildchat, and raids, almost unbearable. We all know “that guy”, the one who you feel that you know because he’s always bullshitting in general and trade chat, the guy who hangs out in Ironforge and makes jokes and duels. You know the name, although you’ve never grouped with him. Now imagine that you log in to find that “that guy” has joined your guild.

Conversation in guildchat immediately became dominated by him, and his previously-quiet rl friend who brought him into the guild. They talk constantly, which is irritating, and the level of chat has sunk to 14-year-old-testosterone level, which is infuriating. I put both of them on /ignore for a while, but had to take them off because you can’t raid with people on ignore. Vent is horrible, with music playing and loud yells to “wake people up”. Everyone else so far has seemed rather shellshocked, with only polite comments about how that wasn’t very nice. We seem unsure how to handle someone who is destroying the feel of our little community. I came close to giving him a bollocking after a series of date rape jokes, totally unacceptable…and I’m not really sure why I was hesitant.

But it’s not fun. It’s so very much not fun. And I won’t even describe the reaction that everyone had last night when we’d taken a ten minute break, all left our characters while we got food, drinks, etc., and then came back to find out that they had been “playing around”, pulled a group of naga, and wiped the entire raid. Our GM was livid.

Not sure what to do about this.

5 thoughts on “snips and snails & puppydog tails”

  1. Jay is innocent, leave him alone!

    And I’m sure the guy you talk of won’t last too long in your guild, when finally everyone get fed up of him. Be strong!

  2. That’s an easy one…/gkick him to the curb. There’s a reason he was available to join your guild. Most likely he’s pulled the same crap in every guild he’s been a part of. The thing that might suck is that you might also lose the guy who brought him in. Of course, that only might suck if that guy’s any good.

    But, in the meantime /ignore him (them) and mute him on Vent. Explain to your GM in private that you have done so because you’re sick of his antics. Trust me, you’re not the only one doing that. Once the GM has received a handful of messages stating that’s what’s going on, he or she will have to take action.

    Good luck!

  3. Jay’s much more intelligent than this guy. :) Thanks for the good luck wishes, and I think if there is another raid-wiping episode, little boys WILL get /gkicked. *fingers crossed*

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