I was offline this weekend partially because we were spending time with friends whom we haven’t seen in ages, which was lovely, and partially because we were having a swap-around of computer parts and reformatting of all the gaming machines. My PC now runs faster and quicker, and for once I didn’t forget to back up anything essential aside from my fonts folder. (I have a large collection of unusual fonts that I use in design work, all lost now.) So, back up and running without any major problems, but my machine feels empty, bereft of all my games aside from Warcraft and Dragon Age.

Warcraft was easy because it’s quite a sensible install. If you want to move your installed game to another machine, or back it up, you just copy your whole Warcraft game folder, and then drop it in the Programs area on the new machine. Easy, the way things should be.

But all the others? LotRO, Age of Conan, Warhammer, Aion, Runes of Magic, EVE?  Gone.  All gone. And that makes me sad. I’m much less likely to take advantage of any free resubscribe offers. I can’t get a wild hair and decide to resub to a game, since I will be looking at reinstalling and then hours of downloading patches.

I feel naked.


2 thoughts on “*sniff*”

  1. The need to reinstall applications and games is the only reason I haven’t taken advantage of student discount to upgrade from a pirated copy of vista to windows 7! EVE works just fine by copying the directory too by the way..

    I’m glad I kept a copy of WoW around, I just resubbed because I was bored :)

  2. Damn, I wish I knew about EVE – I would have backed it up. :( When we did the upgrading of the PCs at home, I really, really wanted to install Windows 7, but we just couldn’t afford it. Ah well- next time.

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