I sat on Kip today. I didn’t mean to, I couldn’t help it, it just happened. Ok, I lie, I’ve been wanting to for ages and I just did it. Sat on him in the arena, walked him around a bit, sat there some more and fed him treats, got off smiling. Hey, it can’t be any more stressful for his shoulder than running through the pastures and up and down hills, right? I couldn’t resist…and I smiled all the way home.

The stable gossip network is amazing. People were arriving and saying “So, you rode Kip – how was he?” lol…incredible.

There was a hero’s welcome parade with limo for Lee Pearson, the local boy who brought gold medals home from the Paralympics in Athens. That’s so cool. There were British flags and printed posters with his pictures on them in the store windows today, and the bookshop had Horse & Hound proudly displayed in the front window.

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