Sleepy Weekend

I feel as though I’ve been sleeping non-stop all weekend – strange.

Someone at the stable told me that when they went out to catch their horses in the hilly pasture, there were three fox cubs playing around the horses, running circles around them. One of the young horses kept making playful little charges at them, making them scoot away. God, I would have given anything to see that. She said they were so adorable. Judging by the holes in the sides of the hills underneath the trees, there are not only fox families, but several badger dens. Pheasants, squirrels, herons that nest along the river. It is such a gorgeous place.

Kip and I had a nice, quiet ride; I’m being careful to take it very easy with him. He was very sluggish today, though, very dull and unwilling. Virus? God, I hope not. His back, which I’ve been worried about since he slipped on the concrete ramp and fell so hard last winter, seems ok. Perhaps he was just having an off day. I bought him Guiness at the market, though, just because it always cheers him up.

I have an interview for some freelance work tomorrow after work; Phil set it up for me. A horror publisher is sponsoring the mini-site for the radio station that I’m doing, and they were impressed enough by the site to look up the business site, and from there look up my art site. He wanted to meet me immediately to talk about book covers and character art – woo hoo! It probably won’t mean much money, but it should be fun. At the least, it will get me working again…it’s been ages since I’ve worked in digital or traditional art. Wish me luck!

And here, for the geeks in the audience, is a classic rant, thanks to . Hilarious.

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  1. You don’t need luck, your artwork is wonderful. I’m sure they will love whatever you produce for them. I hope you have fun doing it.

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