On a positive note, it’s almost Friday. The new job is going well, although my computer and all needed software hasn’t arrived yet, so I have been going through documentation for their ecommerce package and starting to learn about JSP, tag libraries, etc. Stopped by and fed/mucked Kipper, who was veryvery cranky, not having gotten out at all this week. The roads were better, thank goodness.

Not sure what else to say; perhaps I’m just tired. I feel as though we’ve done well here, and then lost everything at the same time. Within two years, we’ve both found good jobs, we bought a house, we have toys like horses and Jags, but we lost each other. We hardly even speak anymore, and it’s very lonely.

I suppose that I just need to move on, and stop raging against something that is totally hopeless. I need to stop trying.

4 thoughts on “Sleepwalking”

  1. *hugs* I’m also still waiting on my work PC.. along with my work phone and the person I’m actually supposed to be working with because his replacement this week is clueless….

    ‘Why don’t the step numbers on the process map match the ones in the use case?’

    Uh.. because its a flow chart and the use case has 13 alternate scenarios all numbered with the same step numbers?

  2. No – I know how much she’s hurting, and I’m hurting too, but she’s angry at me for something that isn’t happening…

  3. wandringsoul

    It’s NOT hopeless, I’ve done nothing to betray you…that’s what’s so frustrating about this, you’re angry and hurting for nothing…I’m sorry babe, I love you but you’re so angry at me all the time and I’ve done none of what you think I have…

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