Sleeping Over at Michael’s

If I had a twelve-year-old son, would I allow him to have sleepovers at Michael Jackson’s house? Not bloody likely, unless I was hoping to profit from it somehow.

I was watching the news tonight, and I laughed at footage of George Dubya’s statue being pulled down and danced upon, shades of Saddam’s fall. Good – nice touch. But then they showed protesters burning an American flag, and I got very angry. Hate Bush, yes, alright – I do as well. But if you hate an entire nation because of one evil man, one evil and greedy regime, then you are wrong. We are not all like that. All Americans are not conservative, right-wing, pro-life, anti-gay fuckheads. How dare you burn a flag in condemnation of an entire nation of people.

*deep breaths*

Kipper is coming on Saturday morning, and everything has finally fallen into place. The check for the site just cleared, so I have the rest of the money, and I’ve managed to pick up a lot of the kit that I needed second-hand. Thank god for Ebay.

No word on another job yet, so I am still holding my breath and applying for everything possible. Granted, there hasn’t been much available – I think that everyone is hanging on to jobs in hope of Christmas bonuses, and things will pick up after the holidays. I don’t have to worry about a Christmas bonus, unfortunately – we didn’t even get a staff party last year! (Well, there was one, in January, that people had to pay to attend. !?! I did NOT go.)

Not much else to write about, actually. I’ve been fighting the melancholies recently. Part of it is being so incredibly bored at work, and part of it is just the situation at home. I suppose I need to concentrate on looking to the future, when things will be better.

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  1. Think about Kipper, that should cheer you.

    Christmas time is a hard time to get a job but New Year’s is almost always full of job opportunities–a lot of companies have new budgets then and a lot of people, after reflecting on their holidays, have decided to change courses. You’ll find something.

  2. *hugs* If you need an ear or anything let me know… I’ve always got AIM running even if my away message is set after 3am GMT I’m around until about 9am GMT… SN: Jovian

  3. load_of_flannel


    linked me to this post vis a vis a post on my Journal concerning same flag burning incident. My reaction as a Brit was the same as yours as I assume the stars and stripes to be representative of the American People rather than the Government.So I was quite Grumpy as the issue we were protesting about was a derogation of duty and abuse of rights by both Bush and Blair. The counter argument by some of those involved closer that point of the Demo was that Flags were burned (at least the ones they saw) usually accompanied by incendiary speechs which made clear that they were taking the flag as the representation of a government who had ignored the democratic wishes of their people.

    That made me think as the justification then is correct but I feel more attention should have been paid to the Medias love of such images and therefore the burners should have know the action would be photographed and that it was unlikely their rational justification would not be included at all. Ergo automatic assumption is that the protest is against the American People as a whole rather than the Government. However is this the fault of the protesters or of the media?

    What sort of coverage did the incidents get in the US press out of curiosity?

    Its a tricky one and its confused me reaction wise and my friends are kind of split on the issue…

    Feel free to post on my LJ if you want….

  4. Yes, that is what I’m assuming. There will be tons of opportunities after the holidays.

  5. Yes, that is what I’m assuming. There will be tons of opportunities after the holidays.

  6. I haven’t talked to anyone yet who may have seen it in the States (I live here in the UK), but I’m assuming that they probably didn’t see any coverage. News coverage is so highly censored there; it wouldn’t benefit Bush to have people upset about flag burning in the UK, so I don’t think they’d be allowed to show it. It did upset me a lot, but I know that it upset a lot of Brits as well. The coverage that I saw on the BBC was just a quick shot, with no voiceover description, leaving one to assume that it was directed at Americans in general, and not the Bush regime specifically. The original intent may have been different.

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