I am such a slacker. I need to get a barebones version of the site that Jane and I were discussing up and viewable…and I’m just so lazy on the weekends. I know that I need a break on the weekends; it’s too difficult to work on coding all week, and then come home and do the same thing, but this is something that I should be excited about doing. It should be fun. But I am lazy and want to read books all weekend. Bad me. :(

Ok, I’m going to get changed, we’ll do food shopping and then I positively SWEAR that I will sit down and work on this! I will, I promise. I won’t even peek at LJ.

*liar, liar, pants on fire*

6 thoughts on “Slacker”

  1. Gah, I know that feeling :/

    I’m supposed to be working on a freelance project right now, but I really can’t be bothered :(

  2. It’s sad, isn’t it? You put a lot of work and effort into a career doing what you love, and then you just can’t be bothered doing it for the joy of it, because it’s now too much like work. :(

  3. My problem is that my day job is grinding me down right now for a variety of reasons, and while this should make my freelance work more appealing, it’s having the opposite effect :/

  4. Still, ironically enough, I’m grateful for the opportunities my skillset affords me. I imagine you are too :)

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