Site Redesign

I’ve been thinking about redesigning this site. As in the old saying about the cobbler’s children being the worse shod, it’s always taken a backseat to everything else. I think this design was done in a weekend, and stayed that way since…broken layout and all. I just couldn’t think about doing more web work in my free time, even for myself. It irritates me, though.

I also need to balance the blog and the artwork more. Rather than have a separate art site, I would like to have my portfolio here, so I need to split the balance between the blog and the art. (I keep getting asked for links to my art site, and no one seems satisfied with my deviantART portfolio.)

Maybe this weekend. Maybe not…at the thought of redoing it I seem to be filled with a deep sense of lassitude and boredom. I am such a slacker.

funny pictures of cats with captions

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